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Doors & Trim

Top Rated Installs and Repairs of Door and Trim for Greenville SC Homeowners 


Quality installation of doors and trim offered in the Update SC area. Installing new doors and  trim to your home can change the look of any room and add a classic or modern look to a home. The professionals at Rave Renovation can show you the door and trim options and make sure that measurements are correct for proper install. 


Types of Doors

Interior Doors

Exterior Doors

Pocket Doors

French Doos 

Sliding Doors

Barn Doors

Rave Renovation technicians are trained to install different types of doors, each type of door install requires a skill set that includes framing, fitting and setting the doors. These skills make sure the doors installed will work property; open, close, and/or lock with ease. 

Types of Trim 

Crown Molding

Chair Molding 

Baseboard Molding 

Window Trim 

Door Trim 

Adding trim to your home is a great way to change the look of a room. We install crown, chair and baseboard molding trim to any room in the house. These trims come in wood and composite materials with direct size profiles and finish decorative looks; our trained technician can help you select the right trim for each room. Rave Renovation also installed door and window trim both interior and exterior. 

Professional Door and Trim Installation 

Doors came in many sizes and options so professional install is important, our trained technician will come out and measure your door opening and casing and suggest the best fit and some options for the look you desire. Some doors may need to be ordered ahead to accommodate size a style selection. During the install should the technician need to reframe the opening or make changes to the casing it can be done with ease. Trim molding is also measured for each area needed; trim molding is sold in standard lengths and with need to be professional cut to fit your home. Our experienced staff will handle all the details of proper install for trim molding. 


6 Month HASSLE FREE Warranty 

Rave Renovation is a top rated company in the Greenville Area; providing a warranty on all door and trim projects. Our 6 month warranty covers the workmanship of our professional installers as well as the materials. Homeowners in Greenville, Easley, Mauldin, Simpsonville and Taylors have the peace of mind with this quality warranty.


Door and Trim Repairs

Maintaining your doors and trim is a necessary to keep your home looking new. Rave Renovation offers door and trim repair services such as; door hardware changing, door planing, reversing door openings, trim caulking, trim touch ups, and trim securing. We offer exterior window trim repairs like wood replacement and painting and even changing the trim to a vinyl trim so younger have to worry about exterior rot around your windows. Door and trim repairs can be small but without attention can lead to more repairs needed. 

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