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Painting & Drywall

Dependable Painting and Drywall Services and Repairs for Greenville SC Homeowners 


Professional painting and drywall services can change the look and feel of your home. Painting a room a new color can give a home your style stamp and make your feel more at home. Painting and drywall services require a professional that is knowledge about surfaces and finishes and can do the job with excellent quality finish. Rave Renovation has experienced technicians with years of painting and drywall skills. 

Drywall hanging vs drywall finishing 

Hanging sheets of drywall and finishing drywall are very different skills. Hanging drywall sheets requires knowledge of framing and a steady hand to install the large sheets properly; usually requiring 2 people for the job. Finishing drywall is an art; one that takes years of practices. Our team at Rave Renovation has that special touch to finish drywall with precision. Finishing drywall is a process that includes applying mud and sanding several times; creating a layer of finish that will leave your wall or ceiling flat and smooth ready for paint. If drywall is not finished properly; paint can show imperfections, peel and ever crack. 


Painting - freshen up your rooms 

Painting one room or your whole house will change the look and give you a more at home feel. The color options are endless; Rave Renovation  can assist you with selecting a color that fits your style and then paint any room with quality and care. Our dependable technicians will prep the room for paint and apply the proper paint needed for the specific surface; they will cut in trim and ceilings leaving the room beautiful and with a fresh look.


Quality Products

Selecting the right paint for the surface is am important aspect of the job as is using a quality paint. We use Sherwin Williams paints and colors for most paint projects. The type of quality paint needed for each project can differ depending on the surface and the sheen needed to accomplish the look and feel desired. Additional making sure that prep work is completed prior to applying the paint will make sure that the end result will  be lasting. 


Touch Up Painting 

Not looking to get the whole house or even a room painted; we also offer touch up paint to take care of the scuffs and discoloration through out your home. Touch up paint is offered both with you supplying the paint or us color matching and supplying the paint. Its important to know that touch up paint may not be 100% match depending on the sheen and quality paint used for the original project but we work hard to match the paint and make the touch up paint look seamless. 


Drywall and Ceiling Repair 

Maintaining your homes can include drywall repairs and ceiling repairs from leaks, holes, and other conditions. Rave Renovation offers drywall and ceiling repair services; we can patch a piece of drywall or replace a damaged sheet of drywall. Ceiling repairs include touch ups, replacing drywall, adding texture and or sanding flat to prep for paint. Homeowners in Greenville, Anderson, Piedmont, Easley, Landrum and surrounding area have used our drywall and ceiling repairs services to have keep their home looking great all year long. 

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